BOOOM! Omarosa OBLITERATES The Women On ‘The View’ – They Will NEVER Invite Her Again [VIDEO]

The Liberal Mainstream media is number one topic these days. As they ,,opened fire” on the President and the country, us, the ,,mean, rotten, corrupted” alternative media, fire back! What do you think liberals? Your lies can never, ever be stronger that the one and only TRUTH.

Your FAKE NEWS policy is just another example how frustrated and disappointed you are after the historical elections. Now guess what- we are not going to retreat! We fight for the good of the western civilization and we will bring you the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH! We are powerful, we are all around the world- we chose Donald Trump as an honest, good and decent man. We are the resistance! Look how Omarosa Manigault fights for the true and the honor of America and the western civilization- this seems like nothing important, to some of you even stupid- but if every single individual confronts the rotten mainstream media- we are going to be free from their massive brainwashing:

Omarosa Manigault was once an Apprentice on Trump’s show ‘The Apprentice’. Now she’s a politician working for Trump and she just absolutely crushed the women of ‘The View’. They couldn’t do anything to stop her. “What if they find out in the voter fraud investigation that Hillary won the election?” asked Joy Behar.

“They won’t find that because she didn’t win. I think what’s more important right now…I think about the families who have lost loved ones in the tornadoes. I think about the families that the president talked about this week who became victims of violence because of illegal immigrants. I’d like to continue to talk about the election because it amuses me. But the truth is we have real issues. And there are real Americans who have problems that we have to address,” slammed Omarosa.

“So you all can sit at the table and talk about those things in the media, but we have a job to make sure the American people get exactly what they need. This is my second time in the White House so I’m not really new to the tension that comes with it. What’s new to me is just this desire to paint Donald Trump with this negative brush without giving him a chance to do what he said he was going to do,” said Omarosa.

She also slammed Joy Behar in a really hilarious way. “[Trump] brings me such joy, Joy. And I hope that you one day, you could find that kind of joy, Joy, in your life,” she said. Check out the interview below.

H/T Conservative101

Face the resistance! The American nation is awake, our hearts are not full of fear anymore. Now, we have a real genius and strong patriot to lead us. Omarosa, you did a good job- other celebrities: this is a lecture!