“Boy, Does It Feel Good To Say ‘Merry Christmas!’” – Sheriff Clarke DESTROYS Hillary In The Most EPIC Way


Sheriff Clarke is back! One of the crucial members of Donald Trump’s team- David A. Clarke finally decided to release a BOMBSHELL on the sick liberal army of ,,grunges”. These people who stole Christmas can not accept the fact that their liberal agenda was DEFEATED on November 8th. Milwaukee County Sheriff is here to make the things clear:

Sheriff Clarke has been one of Trump’s biggest and most vocal supporters. There has been so much anti-police rhetoric in this country and Sheriff Clarke has been huge in fighting back against it. We respect the police! Now that the cop-hating and Christmas-hating Democrats have lost, Sheriff Clarke has a message for Hillary.


“Boy, does it feel good to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and not feel bashful about it,” Sheriff Clark cheers.

“You know, this political correctness that we’ve been under, this country’s been under — this siege for the last eight years has been horrendous. You had to go around and, you know, say ‘Happy Holidays’ so you don’t offend anybody,” said Sheriff Clarke.

He went on to talk about Hillary. Hillary and the Democrats have been trying to blame her loss on anything but herself. But Sheriff David Clarke is not falling for it.

“She’s why she lost. But of course, with her it’s always somebody else’s fault. Accepts no responsibility. Slept during most of the campaign. Every time you turned around, she was reported to be taking a nap. Well, she’s going to have plenty of time to nap now, isn’t she?” said Sheriff Clarke. Do you agree with him? Listen to the Blaze’s interview below.


H/T Conservative101

Wonderful interview! It is such a relief to hear that important and influential people are still there to protect our tradition and values. We are not ,,old fashioned”, we are not racist, we are not xenophobic- WE ARE JUST CHRISTIANS! We are born and raised in that spirit- Christianity taught us how to be a better men, how to respect, love and forgive. We will NOT convert to ISLAM or become HIPSTERS because that is ,,IN” or represents political correctness!