BOYCOTT HIM NOW! This Rapper Verbally ATTACKED President Trump During Performance At The Grammys [VIDEO]

We all know Grammy’s Award is about appreciating music and the singers that worked hard, about admire and respect, and most of all about honor. However that obviously doesn’t apply for the so called rapper Busta Rhymes, who dared to not only verbally attack Donald Trump, but was also so aggressive while doing it.

The hip hop star completely humiliated himself. This is not a joke, Donald Trump is the PRESIDENT OF THE USA! How disrespectful and treacherous!

Busta Rhymes verbally attacked President Trump on stage at the Grammy Awards.

The rapper went on a rant about the president’s executive order restricting immigration from seven countries as he performed on stage with “A Tribe Called Quest” in Los Angeles Sunday night.

H/T Smokeroom

This is really, really sick! Why all of this people participate in such ,,flash mobs” day by day. Why are these celebrities getting so political? They are rich and famous, you think they care for you Americans? You think a bunch of immigrants can harm them? I don’t think so. They only obey the commandments of their donors. Simple as that. But, they are not strong enough to beat our President.