BOYCOTT! What Samuel Jackson Did Against Trump Will Make You Puke!

The liberal elites and their ‘establishment’ in Hollywood decided to go one step further with their ANTI-TRUMP ( read: ANTI-USA) campaign. Samuel L. Jackson is the man who wants to make a big commitment to his donors. Believe it or not, soon he’s going to run ANTI-TRUMP RADIO! Read more below:

Most liberal Hollywood celebrities aren’t exactly fans of President Donald Trump, and movie star Samuel L. Jackson stands squarely in that anti-Trump camp.

According to The Hill, Jackson just lent his recognizable voice to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s efforts at electing a Democrat in the special election in Georgia’s 6th House District to replace former Republican Rep. Tom Price, who has moved on to become Trump’s secretary of Health and Human Services.

In an ad slated to run on urban radio stations in the Atlanta area until Tuesday’s election, Jackson stated, “Your vote goes a long way toward setting things right in this country. Vote for the Democratic Party. Stop Donald Trump, the man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism.”

“Remember what happened the last time people stayed home: We got stuck with Trump,” he continued ominously, before repeating a line from his famed “Pulp Fiction” character “Jules Winnfield,” a philosophical yet ruthless gangster’s enforcer who utters a heavily-misquoted and much-augmented Old Testament passage about the Lord’s vengeance to his victims before killing them.

“We have to channel the ‘great vengeance and furious anger’ we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box,” Jackson added, according to The Smoke Room.

Interestingly enough, Jackson never once in the ad mentioned the leading Democrat contender for the open House seat, a young, white former Congressional staffer named Jon Ossoff.

Instead, Jackson’s ad comes across as little more than a phoned-in and insultingly generic anti-Trump “vote Democrat” ad that could be played in virtually any congressional district across the country, and seems to merely be more Trump-bashing virtue-signaling from the Hollywood left … because that worked so well for them leading up to the 2016 election.

You can listen to the ad here:

One has to wonder if Jackson realizes that roughly half the country voted for or supports President Trump — the same sort of people who buy tickets to see Hollywood movies starring folks such as Jackson.How would Jackson like it if those same Trump-supporting moviegoers decided to channel their own “great vengeance and furious anger” into a boycott of Hollywood? Probably not so much.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Samuel L. Jackson lives in a fairytale. I listen to this advert and I asked myself: WHO, IN THE NAME OF GOD, TRUST IN THAT BUNCH OF ‘HUMAN WASTE’?! Trump is nothing more and nothing less than an EXCELLENT leader, people’s man, big patriot and REAL AMERICAN.

These liberals can use words like racist, xenophobe, homophobe etc, for their FAKE IDOLS! STOP MESSING UP WITH THE PRESIDENT!