Brave Navy SEAL Has Had Enough, Brutally Slams McCain On Live TV [Video]


Every time President Trump approves a mission that includes the Navy SEALs or whatever other exceptional operations, it’s considered that the danger for the death toll is to a great degree high since the mission is constantly profound into adversary domain.

When a trooper or a regular person loses his life, the family is left to deal with unlimited pain. Yet, every trooper knows this and he’s knows that the objective of the mission might be important to the point that the result is justified regardless of the hazard. In one such situation, we  lost a valiant Navy SEAL, William Ryan Owens.

What isn’t powerful is hostile to Trump government officials, similar to Sen. John McCain, who want to score political focuses by rocker quarterbacking the circumstance and calling the mission a disappointment essentially in light of the fact that he doesn’t care for Trump!

According to reports, shortly after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, a special operations raid first planned under the Obama administration was launched against an al-Qaeda base in Yemen to gather intelligence. Unfortunately, this resulted in a number of civilians being killed, the loss of an American military aircraft and the death of a Navy SEAL named Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens.

Even though the mission was a success, Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain said the mission was a failure. After this statement, Trump and the White House press secretary Sean Spicer sharply disapproved.

Previous Navy SEAL Carl Higbie showed up on CNN and requested that McCain apologized to the group of the fallen Navy SEAL for scrutinizing the mission for political reasons:

“I think John McCain does owe an apology to the Owens family,” Higbie stated. “I think it was dishonorable of him, too … He called it an unsuccessful mission because of a plane crash? This is a guy who crashed an enormous amount of planes during training. Look, these things happen, and it’s not an unsuccessful mission just simply because John McCain does not like Trump. “