BREAKING: 27 Classified Docs FOUND On Anthony Weiner ’s Laptop – Hillary’s In HUGE TROUBLE


Hillary Clinton is nothing but a CRIMINAL! She was into a great struggle with the FBI and many other law enforcement agencies, but all of a sudden everything stopped! Her wealthy donors once again used their power to save her. Anyways, there are still people like Trey Gowdy who promised prosecution against this evil snake.

They have evidence and everything that a normal prosecution demands, but they had no support in the institution to start a case against Hillary. It seems that now everything goes to a happy ending. Read more below:

A federal court on Tuesday released the search warrant documents filed by the FBI to access a laptop used by disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, revealing new details about why the bureau revisited the email case just days before the presidential election.

The FBI’s investigation found “27 email chains containing classified information” on a laptop that “was never authorized for the storage or transmission of classified or national defense information,” according to the application for the warrant, which was partially redacted.

The October re-opening of the Clinton investigation sprung from an unrelated case involving Weiner allegedly sexting with an underage girl. During the course of that inquiry, agents discovered the joint laptop and later found emails addressed to and sent from Clinton.

H/T TheTruthDivision

DISGUSTING! AWFUL !  I am amazed after I read this. Underage sex rings. These people are SICK! We have to send everybody in JAIL. Their place is not in the senate or the white house- their place is behind bars!