BREAKING: 88 Signatures On 1 Piece of Paper May Have Just Won Trump The Presidency


A letter signed by 88 former military leaders, including four 4-star generals, endorsed Donald Trump, saying that the Republican nominee “has the temperament to be commander in chief.”

According to the BBC, the open letter was released Tuesday, just one day before Trump and Democrat rival Hillary Clinton were scheduled to appear back-to-back in a forum on national security and veterans’ issues in New York City.

In the open letter, the retired military leaders said that Trump was “more trusted to be commander in chief than Hillary Clinton” because of significant changes that had to be made to improve the U.S. military and international security.

“We believe that such a change can only be made by someone who has not been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military and the burgeoning threats facing our country around the world,” they added.

Trump responded to the letter, saying that it was “a great honor” for his campaign.

While Trump has made veterans issues and the restoration of America’s military strength and prestige a main campaign issue, most media commentators seemed to intimate that the military wouldn’t support Trump. They pointed to his support for enhanced interrogation techniques and hard line on the Islamic State group, as well as the usual charge that Trump was “erratic,” as reasons why he couldn’t command the respect of the military.

This seemed to disregard the fact that Hillary Clinton’s inattention to the “JV team” led to the rapid growth of the Islamic State group, that her mishandling of classified information put American lives at risk (something typically frowned upon by military brass, if you hadn’t guessed), and that her tenure at the State Department saw the disintegration of American prestige abroad at an unprecedented scale.

These 88 retired military leaders have just made sure that the media establishment knows what they refuse to report on — that Donald Trump is likely a better military leader than Hillary Clinton.

At the very least, by practically any measure, he couldn’t be much worse.

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