Breaking: AG Sessions Just Shut Down NBC’S Attempt To Sabotage Trump


Today is a great day. Despite everything that happened in D.C. the media is DEFEATED. The globalist toys for manipulation and brainwashing people are now crushed by Donald Trump and AG Jeff Sessions. For all of our regular readers, you know very well that since day 1 we condemned white supremacists and KKK (which is just another tool in the hands of the leftists), but we also condemned the ANTIFA terrorists who are controlled by the same people to cause chaos.

However, the mainstream media see those terrorists as “the people who stood up against racism”. Yeah right… After that, they condemned Trump of being racist. Well, Jeff Sessions has some really bad news for all liberals. Read the report below:

The liberal media has been trying to turn this Charlottesville protest into yet another attack against President Trump. It has been nonstop on media sources around the country: Trump did not do enough to denounce the white supremacists that were marching through the streets. Regardless of your feelings on this matter, there is no reason to keep pointing fingers at him.

But that is what NBC was caught doing, like they so often do. They were using an article from a neo-Nazi site called the Daily Stormer to attempt to attack Trump. NBC host Craig Melvin read from the article that thanked President Trump for not condemning them by name. He was on with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and he was not about to let them get away with it.

“Isn’t that proof that the president didn’t stand up sufficiently to white supremacy on Saturday?” Melvin asked.

“They are simply attempting to legitimate themselves in any way possible,” Sessions answered. “They are about to find out that we’re coming after them for any violations of the law.”

Maybe Trump’s wording was not perfect in his first attempt at denouncing this violence, but he has corrected himself plenty since then. The media needs to drop this hunt for mistakes by Trump and move on to the important stuff.

After Trump’s original tweet that set of a firestorm of critics, a White House official tried to clear the air by expanding on what Trump said.

“The president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry, and hatred,” the official explained. “Of course, that includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi, and all extremist groups.”

But Sessions was not done there. He wanted to make sure that people around the country knew that President Trump was not wrong in his comments.

“It was a good statement, delivered just a few hours after the event,” Sessions said. “The next day, they explicitly called out the Nazis and the KKK.” There you have it, folks. This is coming from the Attorney General himself. President Trump needs to ignore what the liberal media is saying about him. They will never stop.

H/T WorldPoliticus

No more games. Jeff Session officially sent the message. Now, the liberal thugs should remain silent or Trump will fill the prisons with them. White racists, black racists, communists, liberals- we DON’T NEED YOU!

We are progressive Republic and we need to get back to our roots, defeat the people who divide us and secure a better future for our children!