Breaking – America Is Stunned: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Was In Fatal Plane Crash Left Unconscious & Bleeding Profusely!


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Wow, Hillary tried to hide this from the public?!

It seems that October surprise come in September?! We love this! WikiLeaks are true heroes, they are doing the job that media supposed to do but are refusing to do!

According to Americas Freedom Fighters

For years, the American people have been told that Hillary is perfectly healthy and that everything is fine with her. Well guess what…. she isn’t fine!!

Actually, Wikileaks just released new documents which prove that Hillary was in a fatal plane crash. She was badly hurt and a navy seal died in that same crash.

According to a report released by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was in a C-12 Huron aircraft that made an emergency landing at Ahwaz International Airport on the border of Iran and Iraq, skidding off the runway and crashing, leaving Clinton “unconscious and bleeding profusely” according to the report.

Also, according to the report, Clinton was on a secret mission.

Clinton was traveling with members of Seal team 4 (one of whom was reportedly killed in the crash, Commander Job W. Price, who the government claimed died of a possible “suicide,” but listed his death as a non-combat injury”).

This is it, after this, there is no future for Hillary in American politics!

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