Hillary Clinton is a first class liberal, woman who tends to take some of the seats of the “global elite”, but first, to accomplish her goal, she has to pass trough everything. And she is doing well! While she accused the President for connection with Russia and Russian diplomats-which appeared to be a total nonsense- is caught red-handed taking huge sum of money from high government officials from Russia, people who work for Putin!

The Lefties are dead-set on pinning a bunch of illegal activities to the Trump administration, at almost any cost.  If they destroy a few people’s reputations, lives, or families along the way, at least they can feel secure in the fact that at least they shielded the Clintons from such a fate.

The point is that the Party of the Jackass is not in the slightest bit interested in the truth.

They are more interested in delegitimizing this presidency and leading everyone down the path of agreement in the hopes of creating doubt, fear, or remorse for having supported Trump.

If the truth was of paramount importance, then simple facts like these would be investigated by the Democrats with equal zeal:

“Bill and Hillary Clinton received large sums of money directly and indirectly from Russian officials while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Bill Clinton was paid a cool $500,000 (well above his normal fee) for a speech in Moscow in 2010.  

Who footed the bill?  

An investment firm in Moscow called Renaissance Capital, which boasts deep ties to Russian intelligence.  The Clinton Foundation itself took money from Russian officials and Putin-connected oligarchs.  They also took donations from:

  • Viktor Vekselberg, a Putin confidant who gave through his company, Renova Group
  •  Andrey Vavilov, a former Russian government official who was Chairman of SuperOx, a research company that was part of the “nuclear Cluster” at the Russian government’s Skolkovo research facility
  •  Elena Baturina, the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, who apparently gave them money through JSC Inteco, an entity that she controls

Other items of interest may have hit the Liberals’ radar screens as well, like the fact that the Clinton Foundation scored $145M in donations from 9 shareholders in a Canadian uranium company that was sold to the Russian government in 2010.

Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Agency purchased 20% of the American uranium stockpile after clearing several federal government agencies, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

P.S. The only reason we know about this is because they were uncovered when government watchdogs happened to be combing through Canadian tax records.

Why didn’t we know about it prior to this?

Well, that’s because the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose that information, even though she was REQUIRED to disclose such information before becoming Secretary of State.

So, if we’re looking for precedent here in the Russian involvement in our own government, we need look no further than Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And if we want evidence of massive misappropriation of taxpayer funds, we only have to look to Hillary and Barack Obama. …way to go, Democrats.

H/T Red White and Right

Well this story is a sad joke. Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest hypocrites alive and she always gets away with everything. Well, she has powerful people guarding her back, but doesn’t matter… The things are changing now and thousands of secrets are revealed day by day.