BREAKING: Anti-Trump Plan Finally Collapses – Liberals DEFEATED! – It’s Over!!!


The day of total defeat of the liberal movement is close. We are happy to announce that Electoral College votes are 100% going in Trump’s favor. However, there are plenty of electors that do not want to give their votes to Trump, but however, their statements are simple- WE REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. That’s it liberals- YOU ARE DONE!

From Western Journalism:

There are some Republican members of the Electoral College who wish they were not voting for President-elect Donald Trump on Monday.

However, an Associated Press survey of more than 300 electors has found that Trump opponents’ dreams to use the Electoral College as the final place to block Trump’s ascent to the White House have little hope of becoming reality.


Although the electors admit to an unprecedented wave of pleas to change their votes, AP noted that electors cited everything from the law, to duty, to loyalty to cast their votes for Trump…

“Hell will freeze and we will be skating on the lava before I change,” said Republican Tom Lawless of Tennessee. “He won the state and I’ve pledged and gave my word that that’s what I would do. And I won’t break it.”

It’s really quite shocking to think that these elitist liberals consider the Electoral College as selfish and vile as they are. The left didn’t get their way fairly, so they want to subvert the law of the land to prevent the President-Elect from taking office.

They seem to think Republicans will break their vows and the law to go along with them, as if they are just as disrespectful of our society as these liberals are. They must be living in a fantasy world, where they expect people to do what they say, because they said it.

h/t Red Whit and Right

You have been served! Who laughs last- laughs best! This one is for you liberals! All your poor attempts to destroy Trump’s name were nothing but waste of time and money. The next resident of the White House will be the one that the voters gave their trust to! You failed to complete your sick agenda! Good bye Obama, good bye Hilary, good bye DEVIL! WELCOME HOPE, WELCOME PROSPERITY, WELCOME DONALD TRUMP!