Hillary Clinton is destroyed and mutilated by Julian Assange once again. Sometimes I feel that Assange has something personal against Hillary, but anyways, THIS GUY DESTROYED HER CAREER, HER REPUTATION, AND HER FUTURE.

In the video below you will see his excellent analysis about Hillary Clinton, Obama, the liberal manipulation, their crimes etc.

Love him or hate him, you can always count on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, to tell the truth. When it comes down to digging deep and unveiling hidden secrets, he hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

Assange revealed that Hillary Clinton and the DNC fabricated the entire Trump-Russia scandal in order to distract American voters from how horrible Clinton was as a presidential choice.  We knew this was the case all along, and now we have some tangible evidence. Assange said: “There was an ugly truth. And we published, accurately and fairly, that ugly truth.”

The emails that were eventually leaked by Wikileaks were disturbing to say the last. They found information about the DNC bribing Bernie out of the race. We had a feeling this was the case when we saw “Mr. Anti-establishment” himself come out and say “I’m with her.”

We, as avid WikiLeaks readers, also learned about some really creepy coded emails that revealed information regarding a child abduction ring dubbed as “Pizzagate.” We are still waiting for the investigation to come to light.

On a lighter note, it was nice to see Assange come out on a leftist platform and calmly and casually explain why he released the emails. He immediately shut down all of the Dems who were screaming that he was a Trump supporter.


During the interview, Assange made sure to point out that he made the morally correct choice. We certainly do agree with you, Mr. Assange. The world needs to know what is REALLY happening behind the scenes.

We can now work towards ending the investigation on President Trump. In the court of law, a direct testimony would end the hunt for the imaginary crime. We need this time to focus more on improving our country.

It is clear that all that is happening is an attempt to discredit Donald Trump simply because the left does not like him. It has become trendy to hate Republicans, and, right now, President Trump is a victim of this mentality.

Dems throw around words like “racist” and “bigot” to discredit anyone who does not agree with them. Now, they are starting to realize that their words mean next to nothing. They have managed to water down these words until people do not take them seriously anymore. They have been caught way too many times using these insults with zero facts to back up their statements.

We are starting to wonder when caring about the state of your country going to become trendy again. When is getting a job, being a responsible adult, and not spreading nonsense going to be part of what regular adults do again? Soon, we hope.

Luckily, we had enough Patriots to get Donald Trump elected as our president. Now, we just need to get the PC brigade to stop their senseless attack on the people who want what is best for this country.

There is a bright future ahead. Hopefully we can have President Trump in office for a full eight years so that he is able to right all of the wrong that we had to endure during the Obama era. President Trump is already doing a great job fixing some of the major issues plaguing out country. We cannot wait to see what happens next.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

Julian Assange is a man who I really admire. Do you know WHY? He NEVER said “I support the Republicans”, or shown partiality. He only speaks the truth. WHY? Because he knows very well what those globalists want and he wants to protect the world as we know it.