Breaking: Bass Pro Makes a Surprising Announcement


Bass Pro surprised the entire nation with one big act of humanity. Bass Pro made an official announcement and shared the good news with the rest of us, they’re making a big donation to help the victims of the floods. They’re already assisting the rescue teams. Read more below:

Bass Pro Shops is assisting the Houston-area with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts by providing dozens of boats to rescue and relief efforts.

The outdoor retail giant is coordinating with local, state and federal agencies – including police, fire and rescue teams on the ground, according to a news release.

They will be providing more than 80 Tracker boats to government agencies and rescue organizations in Houston and other communities impacted by Harvey.

Bass Pro Shops is also supporting the efforts through its Bass Pro Cares Fund and are supporting disaster response organizations by donating relief supplies totaling $40,000.


“The company remains in close contact with the governor’s office, first responders, and associates on the ground to monitor response efforts and assess ongoing needs. Bass Pro Shops encourages all customers and community members who want to support relief efforts to donate directly to the American Red Cross.”


H/T Chron

We have to start thinking and acting as one. The unity of this nation is more important than anything else. Houston is in huge danger, the fourth biggest city in the USA is now totally blocked and destroyed. The volunteers and the generous people from all over the USA helped the victims and motivated millions of others to do the same.

Let’s show support, admiration, and appreciation to Bass Pro for what they did by sharing this story and writing a message of gratitude to this company.