Breaking: Big Secret Leaks Show Why Federal Department Resigned and It’s Not What You Think


After the chaos in Charlottesville entire department delivered the resignation letter to President Trump. The reason was Charlottesville, of course, but behind all of that, some other reason may be hiding. In the report below you have the chance to observe the things from another angle. See for yourselves.

Last week, the mainstream media gleefully reported that the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities had resigned in mass protest over President Donald Trump’s “racist” comments on the Charlottesville riots. However, these media outlets are refusing to report on one major part of this story.

What the mainstream media did not mention is the fact that this committee was created by Barack Obama, and it had not even met this year. The committee was full of liberals who despise Trump and were just waiting for any excuse they could use to humiliate him.

CNN reported that actor Kal Penn tweeted out the resignation letter he and the other group members signed.


The committee members also used the letter to bash Trump over policies they say threaten to diminish civil rights, damage the environment, cut funding to arts and risk the overall safety of the country.

“Speaking truth to power is never easy, Mr. President,” the letter read. “But it is our role as commissioners on the PCAH to do so. Art is about inclusion.”

Clearly, these former committee members are in cahoots with Obama and are trying to help him in his goal of destroying Trump. 

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