BREAKING: Bill Clinton CIA Director Defects, Issues Stunning Statement for Trump


Former CIA director James Woolsey, who served under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1995, announced Monday that he had jumped ship and was working with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign as a senior adviser.

Woolsey said he was pleased when he was asked to participate with others he respected in advising Trump on the “urgent need to reinvest in and modernize our military in order to confront the challenges of the 21st century,” Breitbart reported.

Woolsey said that while Clinton served as secretary of state, she “demonstrated a complete lack of understanding and an inability to lead the agency she headed in such a way as to maintain its mission and security.”

The former director also said that unlike Clinton, Trump understood “the magnitude of the threats we face and is holding his cards close to the vest.”

Woolsey told CNN that the Trump campaign had contacted him last Friday and he agreed to advise him on “principally if not exclusively national security, such as matters of intelligence, maybe some aspects of energy.”

Woolsey pointed to a couple of issues he liked about Trump that made him believe Trump would make a better president than Clinton, the first being Trump’s belief in a strong defense budget. The country has to make up for a lot of problems created by the Obama administration, he argued.

A second issue Woolsey liked about Trump was he fact that he “seems willing to keep a secret and not to blab everything to the public and to our opponents.”

Woolsey wasn’t the only Democrat defecting from Clinton and publicly backing Trump. Retired Army Lt. Gen.Mike Flynn, who served as the director of President Barack Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency for two years, has also jumped on the Trump train.

This news came at the worst time for Clinton, who seems to risk losing supporters by simply appearing before the public and struggling with numerous health issues.

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