BREAKING: Bill Clintons Black Son Blows Up Hillary’s Entire Campaign After Going On Live TV [VIDEO]


rlier this month, Danney Williams shocked the nation when he came forward with claims that he is the son of former President Bill Clinton.


Danney is the son of Bobbie Ann Williams, a prostitute in Arkansas who claims to have had an affair with Clinton in the mid-1980s. For decades, she has been telling friends that Danney is Bill’s son.

It’s hard to deny the resemblance between the two men is undeniable.


In the video below, Danney gives his first full-length interview on the matter. What he has to say is absolutely mind-blowing.

Watch as he gives a first-hand account of Hillary Clinton trying to silence him and his mother. What do you think? Does this family need to be kept far away from the White House?