BREAKING: Bill Clinton’s ‘Son’ SPEAKS…Has a SHOCKING Message For Hillary!


The Clintons have started so many scandals, yet they still try to step aside from the “son” scandal. Are you familiar with the story of Danney Williams? This young man claims that Bill Clinton is his father, but the media is literally ignoring him. Well, at the end of the day they’re paid by the Clintons.

Danney has been trying to draw the attention of his father, but he never succeeded in doing so. What you don’t know is that Hillary is involved, too. Not in the way you expect, of course. Who knows where will this all end. With a recognition?

Via Patriot Journal

At InfoWars, he reiterated his reasons for going public, and talked about Hillary Clinton’s alleged efforts to keep him from meeting the man he calls his father:

My existence and relationship to President Clinton is an open secret amongst the political elite circles in our home state of Arkansas.

I also know my Aunt Lucille took me, as an infant, to the governor’s mansion to inform Mrs. Clinton that Bill Clinton was my father and demand that he support me.

She snuck in the front gate when it was opened and demanded to see Mrs. Clinton.

They slammed the door in her face. Arkansas State police officers literally chased my aunt and me from the building. They ran us off like dogs.

In 1999, the Star tabloid reported that a DNA test had failed to determine that Danney Williams was the son of the former president. However, InfoWars reports that the science is far from settled, and adds that the Starwas “owned by Robert Altman – a close friend and college classmate, political supporter, major donor and federal appointee of Bill Clinton. (…) The Editor admitted later he had not seen test results.”

Danney has a request for Hillary:

It is my hope that my step mom, Mrs. Clinton, will not allow politics to interfere with my need to know the truth. That is why ask that Mrs. Clinton encourage her husband to do as I ask, to demonstrate her stated belief that all black lives matter, even those which might reveal an inconvenient truth.

A side by side photo comparison certainly seems to indicate a physical resemblance between the two men. Obviously, this is hardly proof of paternity. Yet one reason this story refuses to die is because even Bill Clinton’s admirers have to concede that it is easy to imagine him fathering a child with a woman other than Hillary. Imagining Hillary doing everything in her power to keep this a secret is also easy to do.

The Clintons have gone pretty far. Is this family turning into a ruin? Well, this son may be the reason for that. At least he is getting his father back.

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