OMG! BILL O’REILLY IS BACK AND HE JOINS THE ALTERNATIVE ANTI-MEDIA! This is awesome! The liberal leftists wanted to shut the truth and spin the “ball” as they want, but the good old Billy did something incredible and I hope that his efforts will encourage many other brave patriots to stand their ground and FIGHT!

Bill O’Reilly is coming back!

Not on Fox live to his old show, but he will be doing a “No-Spin” podcast for subscribers.


The daily podcast would be a way of reaching his viewers that can’t be shutdown.


According to Brian Stelter, O’Reilly’s team has also transferred all his tweets and followers to a personal account with no Fox-related branding.

O’Reilly’s show had been on Fox since 1996, the cornerstone of Fox nightly programming for over twenty years.

O’Reilly’s podcast on Monday would be his first opportunity to talk about the sexual assault controversy since he was ousted from Fox on Wednesday.O’Reilly said that he believed there was a left-wing effort to take him out and that he had proof about it.

So it will be quite interesting to see what he has to say.

Meanwhile the left is certainly crowing about his exit from Fox.


H/T Young Conservatives

The liberals can shut their holes now! I am so anxious to watch O’Reilly’s new show. And I hope that now he will get even stronger and tougher in his mission to destroy the liberal elites and their nasty lies. NEVER SURRENDER! NEVER GIVE IN! AMERICA ALWAYS FIRST!