BREAKING: Bombshell In FBI’s Clinton Email Investigation – ‘Beyond Explanation…’


According to information released Friday, senior Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills was among the recipients of the U.S. Department of Justice’s immunity agreements pursuant to its investigation of the private email server being used by the then-secretary of state.

Republican Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz broke the news via a press statement in which he excoriated the FBI for its apparent eagerness to cloak the testimony of important witnesses in immunity.

“This is beyond explanation,” the House Oversight Committee chairmanasserted in his statement. “The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy.”

The details of the deal, which also covers former Clinton aide Heather Samuelson, indicate immunity only applies to specific information surrounding laptops used by Clinton after her tenure at the State Department.

Regardless of the terms of the agreement, Chaffetz was hardly the FBI’s only critic. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus joined numerous other Twitter users in denouncing the deal.

As Western Journalism reported earlier this month, committee member Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., shared similar concerns about the immunity deal reached between the FBI and Brian Pagliano, one of the technicians responsible for setting up Clinton’s improper server.

Gowdy’s concern was that Pagliano’s agreement would prevent his cooperation with House investigators, a theory bolstered by the technician’s refusal to respond to a subpoena for testimony scheduled last week on Capitol Hill.

“When you’ve reached an agreement with the government,” Gowdy said, “often it includes cooperation with other entities within that same government; so I wonder if the Department of Justice in their proffer or immunity agreement made it clear that he needed to cooperate with another branch of government?”

The latest revelation regarding Mills, Chaffetz explained in his statement, further cemented his mistrust of the FBI’s ability to conduct its investigation into Clinton’s server.

“I’ve lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out.”

He went on to assert that such deals “should not be a requirement for cooperating with the FBI.”

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