BREAKING: You Can’t Imagine What Happened To Kaepernick Today – He Won’t Like THIS


Dear Patriots, I am feeling sad when I am writing this post because is dedicated to Colin Kaepernick. This man was probably one of the best NFL rookies in the history. A HUGE sport’s talent and a strong athlete. But, his career went down, and he disappointed the entire nation.

Kaepernick changed his professional football career with liberal activism and anti-American work. He destroyed his reputation and proved that he doesn’t care about America or the American nation. Now he faces the consequences…

Colin Kaepernick was reaching a high point in his NFL career when he decided to go low for an entire season and use his public platform to slander disrespect our country and those who defend it. His sickening decision caused his career to devolve into a bench-warming position, however, now things just got worse for the entitled athlete on a personal level and patriotic Americans who hate him couldn’t be happier.

The days of Kaepernick’s NFL story look to be coming to a screeching halt after leading the league last year, not in wins, but in disgrace. He began the movement of black athletes kneeling for the national anthem and today he’s telling his future suitors that he will stand for the national anthem, but the phone isn’t ringing.

When free the agency began last Thursday, NFL teams have been in a hurry to snatch up every free agent — great or not. Even former lackluster Chicago Bear’s quarterback, Jay Cutler got a call from the Jets but not a single team is showing interest in disrespectful Kaepernick who once led his team to the Superbowl, NBC Sports reports.

In the time since he began his sickening sideline antics, President Trump was elected and stood behind citizens who were fed up with these anti-American “games.” The spirit of our country that had begun to grow dim under former president Barack Obama is now shining bright once again, thanks to having a real leader in the White House.

The American people have spoken and NFL teams don’t want to touch Kaepernick. The only thing team owners, fans, and sponsors remember him for now, is that he made himself an American-hating icon and disrespecting the men and women who lost their lives so he could have that right and the badged heroes who still protect him today. So goodbye to Colin Kaepernick, who will live on in infamy after every team just turned their backs on him because he’s a risk that nobody is willing to take.

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Such a waste… He could have been one of the best player’s in NFL history. He decided to follow his frustration and obey his masters. The liberals from Hollywood and their commanders want to TRAP more and more people like Kaepernick, use them for their own purpose/agenda, and DESTROY their lives, profession and reputation.