BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Just Got Busted…


The Clinton family has been the epitome of hypocrisy for decades, and it isn’t just former President Bill Clinton and current Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who live up to that reputation.

Chelsea Clinton, their daughter, has also carried out her family’s mantra — “not for thee, but for me” — as she recently showed just how hypocritical she could be in one day.

Clinton has tried to portray herself and her family as supporters of “clean energy” and promoting “green” choices, but her ride to the “Clean Energy Roundtable” in Asheville, North Carolina, on Wednesday was anything but environmentally friendly: a private jet.

The daughter of the Democrat nominee had spent part of the day campaigning for her mother at an event in Greenville. Afterwards, instead of simply driving to Asheville, Clinton instead was transported to the event by a private plane, according to The Daily Caller.

Watch Clinton board the private jet in North Carolina here:

Clinton described her family as dedicated to clean energy during the roundtable, as she told a story about how her grandmother had bought her a membership to the non-profit Greenpeace when she was in elementary school.

“She told me when I was a little girl — maybe seven or eight — that she was no longer going to give me tangible gifts for Christmas,” Clinton said. “She was going to give me a membership to an organization that I really believed in. So it was really exciting.”

I wonder what Greenpeace would say about her jetting around the state of North Carolina on a private plane.

“I obsessively cut up the plastic rings around soda cans so that my trash from Arkansas wouldn’t kill marine wildlife on the Gulf Coast,” she added.

In other words, pieces of plastic are bad; private jets are good.

Honestly, the Clinton daughter’s hypocrisy wasn’t all that shocking when you remember that she is an offspring of the family that has silenced and destroyed any woman who dared accuse Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, meanwhile arguing that victims of sexual assault should be believed.

It’s the same family that wants to severely limit gun ownership in this country, yet is constantly guarded by a gun-toting protection detail.

It’s the same family that promotes itself as the voice for minorities, yet degrades, belittles and stereotypes them at every turn.

Hypocrisy isn’t exactly a foreign concept when it comes to the Clintons. Unfortunately, it looks like it may be a genetic trait in their family.

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