BREAKING: Clinton Finally Emerges From Hiding – Makes SHOCKING Statement About HUMILIATING LOSS


One of the biggest war criminals of the 20th century finally emerges from hiding. He was very brave when it came to bombardment of innocent countries, but when it comes to accept the defeat of his wife- he is not. Bill Clinton remained a criminal. He still tries to manipulate judges and politicians to get away with Clinton foundation’s crimes. After Hillary lost the election- this is the first time he steps out of his cave. And he makes shocking accusations once again! Read more below:

James Comey cost her the election,” Bill said, according to The Record-Review.

Daily Mail reported that a reporter for that publication had bumped into Bill at a bookstore in Katonah, New York. There, the reporter recounted that he ran into a man with “short, white hair and reading glasses propped on the bridge of his nose,” whose “unmistakable voice from Hope, Arkansas, was the giveaway.”

It was indeed Bill Clinton, and he agreed to take some questions. When one person asked if he thinks Trump is smart, Bill offered a terse response.

“He doesn’t know much,” Bill replied. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Politico uploaded photos of the newspaper’s print edition, since the publication isn’t published online.

Someone else asked Bill if he was surprised to learn that Russia may have interfered in the election. The former president said this did not surprise him at all.

“You would need to have an single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on,” Bill replied.

He went on to slam Comey, saying that the letter he sent to Congress less than two weeks before the election did irreparable damage.

“We were up seven points” before then, Bill explained.

Bill would not say what Hillary plans to do next, but he did shoot down a rumor that Barack Obama may use a recess appointment to put her on the  Supreme Court. He said that though Dwight Eisenhower did something like that, he doesn’t think it’s in the cards for his wife.

“Anyway, I don’t think she’d want it,” Bill said.

This is RIDICULOUS! Bill, your wifey lost because she is a bad person with no moral values and nothing but a zionist-new world order- liberal puppet. She cares nothing about, except the accomplishment of the neo-liberal agenda. We’re sick and tired of this! WE NEED TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

H/T Truth Monitor