BREAKING: CNN Host Threatens To Poison President Trump!!


This is the heavy rock bottom of CNN! Their host dared to threaten President Trump saying that he’s going to poison our president if he was supposed to serve him food. Paparazzi caught him saying this on video and now we have a proof that this sick man deserves to be punished. Of course, he has the freedom of speech, he may say he’s joking, BUT HE IS A CELEBRITY. He makes millions of dollars and he is supposed to be a real profession.

CNN’s Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain states that he would poison the food if he was asked to cater for President Trump.

From Breitbart:

TV foodie Anthony Bourdain told paparazzi outside an airport that if he was asked to cater a dinner for President Donald Trump, he would poison the food.The former Food Network personality and current host of CNN’s Parts Unknown was caught outside LAX airport by a photographer for celebrity gossip website TMZ. Bourdain was asked whether or not he would go to North Korea to do a food show.

Bourdain said that everyone in North Korea is starving, so there is no reason to go there. He also called the diminutive dictator of the oppressed nation a series of obscene names, saying Kim Jong-un is a “chubby, evil little f***.”

But then the TMZ stringer asked what Bourdain would serve if he was asked to cater a dinner for President Trump.


Bourdain answered simply, “Hemlock,” appearing to admit he would poison the president if given the chance.

The TMZ reporter also asked about what the TV chef thinks of the president’s tweets, but all Bourdain gave was a shrug of his shoulders.

This isn’t the first time the TV food personality spoke about dining with the president. Last year, Bourdain said he would “absolutely f*cking not” dine with Trump.

Also in 2016, Bourdain insisted that he would boycott the restaurant in Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel.

“I will never eat in his restaurant,” Bourdain said right after Trump won the White House. “I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt.”


How do you feel about this man? He is very brave to say those things and if you look at him carefully you will see that he’s under the influence. Probably coke… But who cares, right? He is a brave man who wants to show how the liberal ‘resistance’ work. This is the true face of CNN. Simply disgusting.