Huma Abedin To Be Charged For Failing To Safeguard Classified Info


The political scene was shocked this Friday when the FBI made a surprising announcement that they would reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for work while she served as Secretary of State.


VIA Conservative Tribune

The emails in question were found on a device shared by Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her now-estranged husband, sexting pervert (and possible pedophile) Anthony Weiner.

On Saturday, the spokesman for the Republican National Committee, Sean Spicer, was interviewed by CNN’s Michael Smerconish and explained that Abedin may have broken federal laws, The Daily Caller reported.

Citing the OF-109 disclosure form that federal employees sign indicating that they understand they have a legal obligation to turn over all classified material they possess upon leaving the State Department, Spicer stated that if the emails on Abedin’s device contained classified material, she could face jail time.

“It’s a separation agreement that states simply [that] people understand when leaving government that they are maintaining no classified information, they understand their legal obligation to protect further classified information and safeguard any potential disclosures of that,” Spicer explained.


Spicer went on to say that Clinton claimed she had turned over all relevant documents upon leaving the department — something that turned out to be a lie. If Clinton lied about that, it isn’t difficult to imagine that Abedin lied as well.

“While we don’t know the facts, while we don’t know what’s going on, we have continued to see a pattern that they say they tell us everything — we know everything — that they’ve disclosed, and time and time again we find out that that is not the case,” Spicer stated.

You can watch his full interview here:

This reopened investigation has reminded the American people that the Clinton’s, and the people they surround themselves with, cannot be trusted with this nation’s secrets.

The investigation will not be obstructed till the day of the election, but the mere fact that the FBI reopened this controversial investigation is alone enough to make every U.S. citizen to reconsider who he/she will be voting for.

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