BREAKING: Congress Drops HUGE BOMB On Dems – Republicans Finally Stepped UP – TRUMP IS SURPRISED


The Republicans are taking over the Congress! Finally after the nation was disgusted by the latest scandals “directed” by the leftists, the Republican majority in the Congress is making new refreshments and this is a huge advantage for Trump’s team. Obama and his leftovers will soon realize how weak they are. Read more below:

The day after the presidential election, when the dust settled and the results were clear, millions of Americans rejoiced.

They weren’t just thrilled that Donald Trump had won the presidency, but that Republicans had also emerged victorious in the House and Senate. Clearly, they thought, this meant that Trump would have little trouble enacting his sweeping agenda.

In all the excitement, they forgot that the Democrats are unprincipled barroom brawlers who won’t go down without a fight (and throwing a few sucker punches).The Republicans have recently had to go on the offensive to push through two of Trump’s Cabinet nominees, thanks to the sore-loser tactics of the Democrats, who chose to boycott the proceedings:

By unanimous consent, the Republicans gathered in the hearing room agreed to change the committee’s standing rules, which normally require at least one member of each party to be in attendance for committee work to proceed. (…)

Republicans made the unusual move after Democrats refused to attend a vote on the nominees for two days running, arguing the pair had made misleading statements to lawmakers that needed to be rectified.

The nominees now head to the Senate floor, as partisan tensions over filling out Trump’s White House continued to intensify.

The Democrats claim to be the ones acting on principle, saying they question both nominees’ worthiness, by citing so-called financial irregularities.

Yet it is hard to take them seriously when they shout “The American people deserve answers!” on one hand but refuse to show up to the meetings to demand those answers. And they do everything they can to denounce fact-finding efforts into matters such as the Benghazi massacre and Hillary Clinton’s law breaking.The Democrats can only pull these stalling stunts for so long. The Trump Train has already left the station and it isn’t coming back!

H/T Patriot Journal

After the leftist are finally gone, this government will secure the best possible future for the American nation, trust me. From this point on, I want to be optimist. This is not a propaganda, but only a prediction, judged by the first months. He did everything he promised- that’s not a manner of a career politician, but a real patriot!