BREAKING: Congress Makes MAJOR Border Wall Announcement – Even Donald Is Stunned!


Our Congress is making a huge steps ahead every single day and it seems that our administration is really ,,refreshed” and encourage right after Donald Trump became the elect president. However, you can see many leftist’s videos on the internet with stupid and pathetic demands to the congress and insults against Trump. Obviously, they( liberals) can’t change nothing, they are sore losers who do as they are told. Donald Trump started with strong projects and he already brought thousands jobs back to the USA. The Congress must have sympathies for this brilliant hero of the nation- Donald Trump, and the members of the congress will fully support Trump in his upcoming projects. It seems that the WALL is going to become reality. Read more below:

With only days before his Inauguration, plans are already taking shape for his first 100 days. We know that Republicans in Congress are working on drafting a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Already we’ve seen numerous companies announce plans to invest in U.S. jobs.

Carrier, Ford, Chrysler and others have announced new plants and jobs coming to the United States, creating thousands of opportunities. This is no coincidence.

Despite the tired and pathetic criticism of the left, President-elect Donald Trump is having a massive impact on our society.

The latest good news is that one of his biggest campaign promises is already taking shape in Washington. Liberal critics are wagging their tongues, but the Great Wall across the Mexican border might be up before we know it.

From LA Times:

Republicans in Congress are beginning to grapple with how to help President-elect Donald Trump fulfill one of his biggest campaign promises: to build a wall along the Mexican border to slow illegal immigration.

Trump is expected to ask Congress to provide the initial funding for the massive project, estimated to cost between $12 billion and $38 billion.

Once construction gets underway, Trump has said he will demand reimbursement from the Mexican government, even though Mexican officials have said they will refuse to cooperate.

Those first 100 days are crucial for any president. With a majority in Congress supporting him, he has a very open window to get a lot done. Key campaign promises–like repeal Obamacare and building the wall–have their best chance at getting done during this time.

Which is why the government is looking for ways to get the wall built before we approach Mexico. Critics might fear that if we build the wall first, Mexico will get off the hook for paying us. But they forget this is Donald Trump leading the fray.

Amid concerns American taxpayers would shoulder the burden, Trump promised Friday that he would force the U.S. neighbor to pony up the money.

Considering Trump already met with Mexico’s president during the campaign–and had good things to say about the meeting–there is no reason to worry that he won’t be able to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

Trump is known for getting project done on time and under budget. Paired that will his ruthless negotiating skills, we’ll be seeing a wall in no time.

H/T Patriot Journal

This is a wonderful article people! This is the new hope! Every liberal hater has to see this and understand that Donald Trump is a real american patriot and he loves our country and our people. He works to secure a better future for us and our children. Stop with your pathetic appearances and let the Americans unite and live better.