BREAKING: Deadly WikiLeak Now Reveals Clinton Murdered Seth Rich To “Make An Example”


WOW! This is shocking! Hilary Clinton and her closest collaborators may be the prime suspects for the death of Seth Rich. We know what kind of person Hilary is, but this is really sick. We are aware that she is able to kill anybody for personal gain, but Seth Rich was important man for her campaign and was known in public. May his soul rest in peace… Read the report below:

Was Seth Rich murdered for being the source for WikiLeaks?Many have speculated what happened to the DNC staffer after he was mysteriously murdered around the exact same time he worked to file a lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the election against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton.

There are a ton of issues with the entire situation, but Julian Assange may have tipped his hand on this case. Wikileaks announced months ago that they would offer a $20,000 reward for information that lead to a conviction in the Seth Rich murder case.

Seth Rich worked for the DNC as a voter database employee. The case has no witnesses, clues, or evidence, and it has sparked many to revisit claims of a possible Clinton’s kill list.

Clue#1: Less than a week after the initial WikiLeaks email dump, Rich was shot in the back of the head late at night while walking back to his apartment. He was not robbed nor was his apartment broken into.

Clue #2: Julian Assange has never offered a reward of any kind and has never spoken on behalf of anyone being named as a source.

When you watch the two minute video below, notice Assange’s mannerisms and how careful thought out his answers are. He is struggling to keep Rich a secret, but we can clearly see he was the source that played a major role in taking down Hillary Clinton.

Clue #3: Hidden Americans recently released investigative analysis on the multiple ways in which Seth Rich was connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They showed a link between Julian Assange and Seth Rich, and that Assange had all but confirmed Rich was helping him.

After all, Seth worked in the voter database division, so he had access to the database centers–which could be how Assange gained access to all of the DNC’s data materials and emails.

Clue #4: John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman and top ally, emailed about “making an example out of the leaker.”

One can easily see how quickly this can go from a conspiracy theory to a strong argument. There are many clues here that point to the Clintons having Seth Rich murdered. The evidence appears to be strong enough for Julian Assange to risk it all by trying to help solve this murder.

Although Julian Assange has not officially indicated that Rich was his source, he did admit that Rich was murdered assassination style, and that points a giant finger towards the Clintons and their long history of “mysterious murders.”

It was reported that Rich was shot in the back of the head while he was leaving his car. He was not robbed, moved, or anything. His apartment was not broken into, nor was any evidence left behind indicating he was robbed.Which raises the question: Isn’t it very suspicious that Rich was murdered shortly after WikiLeaks began releasing all of their info on the DNC’s collusion with Hillary?

h/t Ending The Fed

Can you answer this? Do you trust Hilary Clinton? Do you think liberals are so innocent and hippie as their masks are? This is sick! Let me tell you something: The Illuminati with their most powerful tool- the liberal, left wing movement are pushing so hard to make their sick dreams come true. We must oppose them! STOP THE EVIL LIBERALS! SAVE OUR LIVES AND OUR FUTURE!