BREAKING: Debbie Schultz Flipped, She Could Bring Down The Democratic Party With What She Just Said

This is probably the worst day in Debbie Wasserman Schultz life. After the rough week, the liberal Democrat has some more things to get clear with. In the past few weeks, this woman was struggling with her past. Now, she received some really bad news again and again and again! Read more below:

Wow!  Debbie Wasserman is out of control!  She is clearly in a panic regarding a lawsuit that was filed against her and the Democratic National Committee for alleged fraud related to the 2016 election.  Remember?  Where was the DNC (allegedly) colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign, to help get her elected?

Well, now it’s come out that “someone” from her office called the opposing attorney’s office, using an altered, robotic voice, to try to get information on the case!

And here’s how stupid that “someone” was:  they forgot to block their number!!  The law office just Googled the number that called and it came up as the office of Congresswoman Deborah Wasserman Schultz’ office!

Now, the law office has filed a Notice of Email Filing with the Federal Court in which the lawsuit it filed, telling the Court all about this “highly irregular” conduct by Ms. Wasserman!

See, as an attorney, I can tell you that lawyers aren’t allowed to speak to represented opposing parties in a lawsuit.  Which is why this caller disguised her voice…so she could subversively get information she could not otherwise obtain.  Luckily the secretary that answered the call knew to only provide information that was already public.

This Congresswoman is highly suspect, isn’t she?  She just thinks she’s above the law and I wonder who’s in that with her!  It’s also interesting that the Main Stream Media is ignoring this story, isn’t it?  But certainly NOT surprising.

H/T Liberty Writers News

This woman may be one of the few KEY FIGURES that can determine the end of the political crisis. People, I told this hundreds of times, something stinks there. Something really stinks. Debbie W. Schultz is connected with all of the controversial cases and we really need some answers. Share this post and make your commitment- we deserve to know the truth!