BREAKING: Democrats In SHOCK After What Leaked About Obama and Russia – MEDIA SILENT


Barack Obama and his leftovers wanted to make a quick sabotage against the President of the USA – Donald Trump, of course, they got the support from the liberal hordes and the “fake news” mainstream media. Obama always wants to present himself as a loyal and dedicated social democratists, but in the end, Obama appears to be a scandalous person. HE  has something to do with the Russians- not Trump:

It’s amazing! These Democrats cannot catch a break. They are trying to slander the names of our duly elected officials in the executive branch. First it was Flynn. Now it is Sessions.

First. Remember when Obama did this?

Meet Sergey Kislyak. He is the ambassador that is being referred to as a “spy master” and is the ambassador that has been tied to speaking with Sessions and Flynn currently.


This ambassador visited the White House 22 times between 2009 and 2016, according to the visitor logs at the White House.

Kislyak had a meeting with one of Obama’s senior advisers, John Holdren, on September 2016 right before the election ended. Here are the following times that Kislyak visited Obama’s regime: July 2016, March 2016, January 2016, August 2015, April 2014, February 2014,  May 2013, February 2013, November 2012, December 2011, July 2011, December 2010, October 2010, May 2010, April 2010, February 2010, March 2010, December 2009 and September 2009.

*** Let’s EXPOSE the lying Democrats more.


In August of 2015, Foreign Policy reported that the White House met on Capitol Hill this week to work with Russian and Chinese ambassadors to work on the Iran Nuclear agreement.

“During the meeting, which was confirmed to Foreign Policy by an aide to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), a number of Democrats expressed genuine confusion about how world powers would react if Congress rejected the deal, and whether a “better deal” could be struck in the future. Surprised by this lack of clarity, the diplomats pushed back on a number of counts.”

It’s strange how Democrats can meet with Russian ambassadors and yet turn around and accuse Trump of Russian interference.

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This is an awesome news for the President. Now, Trump can smile and take a rest after the liberals fall in their own traps. Obama’s time passed, he shouldn’t interfere anymore in the White House because the nation chose different policy and different leader.