BREAKING: Disgusting New ANTI-Trump EVIDENCE Against Obama! JUST LOOK WHAT HE DID IN 2015!


MORE AND MORE, AND MORE! NEW EVIDENCE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA AND HIS WORK ‘BEHIND THE SCENE’. Fox News once again proves to be a strong channel with nice sources that are always able to make the things difficult for the liberal leftists.

Read more below-it’s stunning!

Ever since President Trump announced that Barack Obama had wiretapped him, those on the left and the mainstream media have been doing everything in their power to make him look like a liar.

The media proclaimed Trump a “liar” before even having all of the facts to make such a judgment.

But now, the truth is coming out — and it turns out, Trump was right all along.New information reveals Obama had been spying on Donald Trump since as early as 2015 before he was even the GOP candidate.



As shocking information continues to come to light, it is unclear how the media will cover the scandal.

One thing is for sure — they aren’t likely to treat President Trump fairly.

H/T Truth Monitor

Wow! This is really huge. This means that the liberal elitists, worked with Obama to SECURE their “rule”, to make sure that NOTHING can stop them, not even the PEOPLE themselves. If they really spied on Trump since 2015 that means that everything was planned. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE, AND WAS NOT MADE INCIDENTALLY!