BREAKING NEWS! CIA turns over the names of classified leakers to DOJ. This is an important event because everyone wants to know the truth. Everybody wants to know what is going on in the highest ranks of our political establishment. We read news every day, horrible things… The “liberal beast” is hungry for power and money, the President and the nation have to react fast to stop total disaster. The CIA makes the first steps- read more below:

With almost every day that passes, it seems the administration of President Donald Trump gets hit with a new, media-generated controversy, and one conservative Washington veteran says he knows why — and that the Trump White House knows who is responsible.

Joseph diGenova, former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia during the Reagan administration, told the conservative website Lifezette that CIA officials know who is behind the leaks of classified information to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Furthermore, those officials have reportedly passed the names of those behind the leaks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been caught up in the scandal-manufacturing machine himself.

The Trump administration has been battling controversy for a large part of its term thus far, but the real fight, says diGenova, is not in these scandals, but with federal employees loyal to former President Barack Obama and their willingness to flout their responsibilities to follow partisan lines.

The CIA has not yet released the names of the people that they reportedly have identified, but if they really have the informants, they will soon.

Although this is based on a preliminary report, it’s extremely important. If true, and they have the right people, it means two giant things.

First of all, if these informants are really entrenched federal employees, it shows a connection between Barack Obama’s administration (and the Democrat party as a whole) and subverting the current president, which is massive.

Second, it means sealing things up so that out intelligence is secure from leaks in the future, which is vital to the security of this country.

It is astounding that partisan federal employees can let classified information go because they don’t like the current administration.

Then again, it is the left. Acting out when you don’t get your way is pretty much the way they deal with things.

H/T Conservative Tribune

The USA have to decide- to be or not to be. These are hard times, when the world is facing a new revolution of the western civilization against the globalist oppressors who want to turn USA in the same “shape” of political and cultural misery, just like they did in many Western European countries. But, the people are waking- the people want the truth- the people are sick and tired from the liberal manipulation. It has to stop!