BREAKING: Elector Officials BLOCKING Trump For Securing 270 Electoral Count – It’s Not Over


We heard a lot from the liberal media that Electoral College is able to make Hilary a president and disrespect our votes. Well, that is their only hope,isn’t it? But now we see that the things are not going so smooth for Donald Trump because elector officials are making efforts to block Trump and set up a new resident in the White House. Six of them, as we found out, are allies in black coalition that wants to compromise our votes and show middle finger to the entire nation.

Liberals will take this as their last chance to destroy Donald Trump’s plans for rebuilding our nation and finally bringing change. This people are going to fail as they failed before. The House of Representatives will secure Trumps position as they are republicans now with strong majority. This means democracy wins. Some of this electoral college members gave a shot to compromise Trump on 19th December. Look what said Michael Baca, their leader:

“I’m a former U.S. Marine and the core values are honor, courage, commitment. I don’t believe Donald Trump has that,” Baca said, adding that even if his efforts are unsuccessful, “I do think that a byproduct would be a serious look into Electoral College reform.”

H/T WebDaily

You will fail. This liberals just can not accept defeat… This is so sad. However, this attitude is highly disrespectful for America and our constitution because voters have to choose the President. In fact, that is why elections are called. We can only hope that this sick provocations are going to end and lie down in the oblivion.