BREAKING: FBI Agent Just Turned on Obama, This is HIGH TREASON!


An ex-FBI expert for negotiations has recently stood up to President Barack Obama and confirmed that he could’ve saved a U.S. hero but he failed.

VIA Liberty Writers News

Kayla Meuller was an American volunteer with Doctors without borders in 2013 when she was abducted by ISIS.

ISIS then turned Kayla into a sex slave for their leader al-Baghdadi. They tried to force her to convert to Islam, but she refused because she was a proud American Christian. She was killed in 2015 by a US airstrike targeting al-Baghdadi.


Now FBI expert Chris Voss has come out and revealed that Obama could have sanctioned a ransom payment for Meuller and used to money to track down ISIS finances BUT DIDN’T! (H/T –Daily Mail)

How can any American president possibly pass up the opportunity to save an American and shut down ISIS finances?

The world and especially poor Kayla’s family deserve the Truth. We need to share this out and let everyone know how dangerous Obama really is!

The citizens have the right to know just how treacherous and hazardous Obama can really be.