BREAKING! The FBI Has Found Enough Evidence To Disqualify Hillary From Office


Apparently the FBI has enough evidence to prove that Hillary Clinton DID in fact break the law concerning her use of a private email server. According to the latest reports, Clinton broke federal records-keeping laws.

If so, it’s time to “lock her up!”

According to The Daily Caller:

She was also informed in 2009, her first year in office, that she had an obligation under the Federal Records Act to forward her State Department work emails to the agency’s record preservation system. But, according to the news website Circa, Clinton opted against that option because she wanted control over ‘sensitive’ messages.

Circa’s report comes from former Washington Times veteran reporter John Solomon and is based on unnamed sources familiar with the FBI’s investigation of Clinton. That probe ended in July when the FBI and Justice Department declined to press charges against the Democratic presidential candidate or her aides for their handling of classified information.


But sources told Solomon that there was ample evidence that Clinton violated the Federal Records Act by failing to save her work-related emails to the State Department’s SMART system and by exclusively using a private BlackBerry and email account.

Clinton also opted to continue using a private email address on her personal BlackBerry because she did not want her emails made available under the Freedom of Information Act.

That claim, if true, would grossly undermine Clinton’s assertion that she did not use the private email system to flout FOIA. A federal judge has granted the watchdog group Judicial Watch discovery in order to get to the bottom of that issue.

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