BREAKING: FBI Just Made MAJOR Announcement About Hillary Clinton – THE END IS NEAR


Hillary Clinton dodged the accusations from the nation against her, she lost the election and now she is hiding somewhere deep in her cave. The biggest scandal connecting Hillary Clinton was the leak of her private servers info. From that moment on, she is exposed and her dirty partners too. Now, as the time passes, the FBI takes the things seriously. Why? Because everybody saw that the nation wants JUSTICE and nobody is able to escape the justice now. We can be happy that she is not going to be the president, because our country would have turn into a living nightmare.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the FBI quietly released 300 pages of Clinton emails on Sunday that appear to show that foreign actors hacked into her homebrew server. The newly-released emails include exchanges between FBI officials right before the official investigation into Clinton was opened. They also include arguments between State Department personnel and law enforcement officials, along with members of other government agencies. Most of these fights centered around whether a document contained classified or personal information.

In one particularly telling exchange, an FBI official states that his bureau found that Clinton’s server was indeed hacked.

“The FBI did find that hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals associated” with Clinton and her team, read one email.

This proves that House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul was right in November when he declared that Clinton exposed some of the “most classified, sensitive secrets in the federal government, many of them covert operations.”

“Our adversaries have this very sensitive information, that not only jeopardizes her, and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas,” said McCaul. “In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason.”

H/T Truth Monitor

Go ahead FBI and finish the job once and for all. This is an anxious situation where the people want justice, but the institution are not bold enough to provide. Hillary Clinton is nothing special, she is just a citizen under the same laws as any of us and, if responsible, she has to go to jail immediately!