BREAKING: FBI Quietly Admitted That Hillary Should Face PRISON TIME – THIS IS HUGE

Barack Obama, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch remind me on the THREE STOOGES. They played their dirty SHOW and we watched how they made fools out of themselves. But after all, it seems that these three are ‘Little Einsteins’ and we are all STOOGES.

Oh, yes! I am always realistic. These people made HUGE CRIMES against our nation and they get away with it. In the report below you can see that the FBI, DE FACTO and DE JURE, ‘condemn’ Hillary as A  C R I M I N A L!

The ever-corrupt Hillary Clinton just will not go away. Fortunately, the skeletons that she’s kept in her closet are finally coming into the light for everyone to see.

All throughout the 2016 campaign, the FBI maintained the silly notion that, although Clinton committed serious crimes, she did so by mistake. Now, thanks to a release that got picked up by Wikileaks, the FBI has officially admitted that Clinton knew she was breaking the law, and lied through her teeth the whole time.

Patriots, this isn’t shocking news. This is just the sort of behavior we have come to expect.

The entire Clinton family has a problem with the truth, with Hillary being the biggest fibber of them all. She is compulsive. She cannot help herself.

Even before this bombshell release, FBI director James Comey, who has ties to the Clinton Foundation, detailed just how many lies Clinton’s used in order to cover her tracks. (via National Review)

The latest popular conspiracy theory is that Trump is supposedly connected to Russia. This theory is just one way for tone-deaf Democrats to forgot about the fact that they nominated one of the most corrupt presidential candidates in living memory. (via YouTube)


Russian hackers did not need to influence the election–the American people saw all of Hillary Clinton’s warts and blemishes by themselves. Thanks to Democrats, we now have another Cold War on our hands. Thankfully, Donald Trump can clean up this mess.

Unfortunately, Trump is constantly assaulted by the groaning sounds of liberals. The left never tires of complaining, like when they claimed that Hillary won the popular vote. To quote the great Stefan Molyneux,: “this is not an argument.”

First of all, the Democrats know full well that elections are won by the Electoral College. That’s why Clinton campaigned in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Virginia, not in deeply red states like West Virginia and Montana.

Second, a post-election map entitled the “Clinton Archipelago” revealed that Clinton’s much-vaunted popular vote is confined almost exclusively to elite liberal enclaves in the northeast and west, and heavily black and Hispanic districts in the South. (via Inverse).

Hopefully, the FBI’s quiet release of this information will lead to some very loud anger among the American public. Clinton needs to go to jail. It’s really that simple.

Fortunately for Republicans, the Democrats just keep doubling down on their bad decisions. Not satisfied with 2016’s blowout, the Democrats look poised to either nominate Elizabeth Warren, a Clinton-clone and a hypocrite, or Chelsea Clinton, Hillary’s daughter.

Let’s pray that the Democrats pick Chelsea — a political novice who has been handed everything her entire life. In a presidential election against Trump, Chelsea would be handed her lunch.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

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They have to understand one thing- we are not racists, xenophobes, homophobes etc. WE ARE AWARE OF THEIR CRIMES! WE KNOW THE TRUTH! THAT’S WHY THEY HATE US!