BREAKING: Female Police Officer Shot In The Head – She Needs Your Prayers

Horrible news! A female police officer shot! This is sick! Every year the number of assaults on police officers is raising and nobody does anything about this. Instead of trusting in our police officers and cooperating with them against the criminals, some people do protests and unleash tons of anger in violent waves nearly each month all across America. Liberals are not stopping, but we will stop their madness soon! We are not going to let anyone play with our police officers!

An Alabama police officer was shot in the head while responding to the domestic violence call Wednesday.

Saraland Officer Jackie Tucker was listed in critical but stable condition at University of South Alabama Medical Center in Mobile.

Tucker responded to a call with her partner Wednesday morning involving a dispute between 27-year old Matthew Blake Richardson and his grandfather.

The man “immediately opened fire when the officers arrived, striking one of the police officers in the head,” Saraland Police Chief James West said during a news conference.

“Tucker’s partner took heroic action to drag her back behind the patrol car and get her to safety,” reported local NBC news affiliate WPMI-TV.

“My officer is in critical condition and we ask the community and everyone for their prayers,” West said.

Tucker underwent surgery to remove shrapnel from her skull.

“The gunman … led police on a short foot chase; however, he was wounded during his capture and later died of the injuries,” Fox News reported

One high school student who lives nearby said she heard eight gunshots, WALA-TV in Mobile reported.


Tucker is a mother and is married to Mobile police Officer Aaron Tucker.

CBS affiliate WKRG-TV posted a photo it identified as Tucker and her husband.

Credit: WKRG

According to CNN, at least 64 police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty in 2016.That number exceeds the annual average of police shooting deaths over the past 10 years of 53. And this year’s total is higher than the number of firearms-related police deaths in 2015 of 41, CNN reported. The highest numbers of police deaths due to gunfire in recent years was 73 in 2011.


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May good help our good folks out there! These people are brave and ready to die for every single citizen in our country. Instead of help and cooperation we give them NOTHING! Those liberals have to think twice before going out and protesting. Look what happens. Criminals are raging in violence. Next time you can be a victim!