BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Was Just Diagnosed With THIS DEADLY Disease! She is Done for!


This is unimaginable! A real interview with a true physician who diagnoses Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with Parkinson’s Disease!

VIA Liberty Writers News

Dr. Ted Noel, a physician of over 30 years, connects everything from her fainting to her pantsuit to help prove that she suffers from this awful disease that obviously disqualifies her from being President!

Not just that, Dr. Noel says there is significant proof that Hillary has had Parkinsons for OVER 10 years and has simply been hiding it.

Her head bobbing, coughing, and forgetfulness is from her medicine.

He even provided a list of her symptoms that prove BEYOND a reasonable doubt that she is sick!

Take a look for yourself:

  1. Tremors.
  2. Freezes
  3. Slow movement (bradykinesia)
  4. Parkinsons Disease Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia (PD-LID) – May be triggered by flashes or loud sounds, or may come randomly without warning.
  5. PD Postures
  6. Signs of swallowing disorder – Persistent cough
  7. Rigidity in movements
  8. Impaired balance
  9. Loss of automatic movements – Reduced blinking.
  10. Speech changes – Speech may hesitate and be somewhat monotone

Sound’s pretty damn familiar, don’t it?

Check out this exclusive interview for yourself and share it with your friends all over the internet (FACEBOOK)! Hillary Clinton needs to be exposed before she DIES IN OFFICE!!!!