BREAKING: Hillary Just Got The Worst News Of The Entire Election Today!


This story by Paris Swade.

She is going down! During CNN’s Inside Politics on Sunday, Jeff Zeleny told the panel that Hillary Clinton needs to say “so long, Ohio.” Hillary has not even been there in weeks!

*** It’s most likely because she is low energy! 

Look what Jeff had to say about Hillary’s terrible campaigning:

“It’s been 20 days since Hillary Clinton stepped foot into this classic battleground state, and she’s not expected to visit it again in the month of September. That is a nod to the political reality they’re facing, her campaign. She is struggling mightily among white voters.”

Let’s go ahead and welcom Ohio on board the Trump Train. They have been dealing with that loser John Kasich and they sure as hell don’t want Hillary Clinton.

Give Ohio a ‘Thank You’ in the comments and then share this with every Trump voter you know in Ohio! We need to get them on baord. If we win Ohio, Hillary Clinton can kiss the oval office goodbye.

H/T LibertyWritersNews