Just In: Hillary Did A Monstrous Treason, And ABC, CBS, And NBC All Knew It And Did Not Informed The American People About It!


Hillary goes from one mistake into another. Why is she still getting support from the mass media? Come on, people, we can do better than this. Instead of supporting lies, we should unite and fight them. The whole Hillary campaign is getting even more ridiculous.

The very same media that support Hillary actually hid the truth about her terrible treason. The email issue, remember? They all knew about it, and we believed Hillary’s lies. The New York Post got the whole thing covered, and the chaos has just started. What a shock, right?


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Hillary Clinton sent a classified email from her private server AFTER she left her secretary of state post, but the networks hid it, according to the New York Post report.

A heavily redacted email was submitted by the State Department to ABC, CBS, and NBC—and the news networks chose NOT to tell the American public the classified email was in Hillary’s possession after she was once again a private citizen.

The classified email was reportedly sent on May 28, 2013—months after Hillary stepped down from office.

A classified email sent by the Democrat contained details about the “123 Deal” with the United Arab Emirates, according to the scathing report by the Post.

The “123 Deal” was an agreement inked between the United Arab Emirates and the United States on “materials and technological sharing for nuclear energy production.”

“The 2013 email was sent by Clinton four months after she left the State Department about a foreign policy deal,” reported Fox News’s Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge on Special Report, “And if you look closely, you can see several white boxes on the email. These are redactions citing the B1 exemption, which is classified information.”

The email was sent from Clinton’s personal email account: hrod17@clintonemail.com.
The State Department claimed the Hillary Clinton email was only deemed classified after the fact, but this was strongly rebuked by Herridge, Newsbusters reports.

“But a key data point is under the subject line called the declassification date, which means the full email can be public ten years from the day it was sent. Again, suggesting it was classified at that time,” Catherine Heddridge added.

The markings on the email stated it would be declassified on May 28, 2033. A note attached to the email states the information was being redacted because it contained “information regarding foreign governors” and “foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States including confidential sources.”

The recipients of the classified email sent from Hillary’s server after she was no longer secretary of state were: Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, diplomat Jeffrey Feltman, policy aide Jake Sullivan, diplomat Kurt Campbell, State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills, and Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin.



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