BREAKING: Hillary And Muslim Aide Huma Caught Trashing Jews In Disgusting Leaked Email, It’s Viral


It’s sickening that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hired a woman named Huma Abedin who has direct ties to Radical Islamic terrorists to be her top aide. It’s clear-cut proof that Hillary’s priority is not keeping Americans safe from terrorists.

It also shows how little support Hillary really has to offer for our nation’s ally in the Middle East, the state of Israel. In fact, they were both caught trashing a prominent group in a leaked email.

The American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC) is an influential Jewish organization that has fostering American and Israeli relations as part of its mission. You’d think Hillary and her associates would look on AIPAC warmly. Instead, an email was just leaked where Hillary’s aide Huma asked Bill Clinton’s assistant, “u really want to consider sending him into that crowd?”

That’s right, Hillary was actually urging her husband not to speak with Jews (or, as Huma put it, “that crowd”).

Jews in America and Israel are outraged at the Clintons. Said Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes, “Abedin’s disdainful comment about AIPAC as ‘that crowd’ could derive from her Muslim or her leftist identity – or both.” What do you think of Hillary’s ties to Radical Islam?