BREAKING: Why Hillary Really Lost The Debate! Hillary Clinton’s Sinister Plan Just Got Destroyed!


Hillary Clinton is in full blown panic mode. What else makes sense about the timing of the Trump leaked audio?


According to American Thinker:

Dr. Lifson answers:

The leak of an old hot mic recording of a private conversation between a TV host and Trump probably was originally scheduled for the Friday before Election Day.  But the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary could not be allowed to dominate the weekend pre-debate chatter.

An alternative explanation: The Clinton campaign believes that waiting to release the tape until the Friday before Election Day would be too late.  The campaign believes that Trump stands a good chance of winning the remaining two debates, would build tremendous momentum, and would be virtually unstoppable.  Releasing the tape so late would also smack of desperation and might be counterproductive, encouraging Trump supporters to turn out in even greater numbers.

The Clinton campaign calculated that releasing the tape a month ahead of time would have several advantages:

  1. Early voting is getting under way.  Now is the time to hit Trump and persuade early voters to give up on him before he can recover.
  1. MSM toadies will need more than a couple of days to spring into collective action and inflict maximum and possibly lasting damage on Trump.
  1. Republicans who have opposed Trump all along need time to coalesce into a movement that would apply pressure on Trump to quit the race.

The day before the Trump tape was released, Florida governor Rick Scottannounced that the state’s voting registration deadline will remain this coming Tuesday, October 11.  Scott told reporters in Tallahassee:

Everybody has had a lot of time to register. So, on top of that, you know, we’ve got a lot of opportunities to vote, early voting, absentee voting and Election Day. I don’t intend to make any changes.

Hillary is always plotting behind the scenes with some sinister plot or another and now she has been exposed!

She only resorted to this because she is that desperate!

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H/T American Thinker