BREAKING: Huge Change in Poll Data After First Debate


So you’ve probably heard the media proclaim Hillary Clinton the winner of Monday night’s debate.

You’ve also seen the so-called “polls” that show an overwhelming number of Americans think Hillary won the debate.

Now here’s what Americans really think:

In the first real national poll after the debate, Donald Trump actually increased his lead over Hillary Clinton.

The morning of the debate, Trump led the polls 46.2 to 42.7.

Tuesday morning after the debate, Trump led by a larger 46.7 to 42.6, an increase of one half of one percent.

This might not seem like much, but remember – all the mainstream media networks were reporting that Hillary won the debate and that the American people agreed.

As we reported, however, many of those polls were stacked with Democratic voters.
One way or another, the truth always comes out.

In that poll, done by the LA Times, support from African Americans is also up again, to 18.2 percent. Support in the Black community has bounced up and down in the last few days, but remains at record highs for GOP support among the black community.

The only income bracket that Hillary is winning are voters who earn less than $35,000 per year – also those most likely to need a handout from the federal government, coincidentally.

H/T: TruthFeed