BREAKING: HUGE Tunnel System Discovered Under The US Border – Trump Was Right About ALL!!!


America has a really serious problem dealing with illegal immigration. We suffered huge damage as a nation because of the bad policy of Barack Obama and his total tolerance when it comes to illegal immigrants.

These people ( CIA, FBI, Obama) wanted to build illegal immigrants facilities and shelters where they would have been able to launch themselves to any american state and steal your job and home.

Mexicans never waste time. Meanwhile they build two massive and elaborate tunnels leading from Otay Mesa, Tijuana, to San Diego, California. The tunnel system is used by the Sinaloa cartel, according to the office of the U.S. Attorney General.

The same thing happened in Israel in the Gaza strip which caused major problems for Israeli government and resulted with serious threats.

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “The State of Israel has achieved a world breakthrough in its efforts to locate tunnels. That doesn’t exist anywhere else. We checked the entire world.” Israeli computers now detect the use of underground construction equipment.

It’s a good thing the United States has already invested $120 million in the tunnel detection project with Israel. We are going to need some expert help in finding the ones here.Even though more than a dozen smuggling tunnels have already been discovered in California, that doesn’t include Arizona, New Mexico or Texas, which has the longest shared border with Mexico.

H/T The Truth Division

After all we do not have to worry. Or elect-president is going to keep his promises. BUILD THAT WALL! DO IT NOW ! This eternal struggle with illegal immigrants from the south border has to come to an end. We are all tired… We need to make America great again, instead of taking care of criminals that entered in the USA by force