BREAKING: Huma Abedin CONFIRMS Hillary’s Bad Health In New Email Leaks… Media SILENT


Hillary’s health problems are back in the spotlight — all thanks to Wikileaks.

In a newly-released email, her longtime, personal assistant Huma Abedin asked her speechwriter to cut down the speech because there would be no podium to lean on.

The original speech was only two minutes long.

Huma wanted it cut in half.

Via Wikileaks:


Breitbart reported that Dan Schwerin, Direct of Speechwriting for Clinton’s campaign, sent a draft of a “post-game statement [Hillary] could make to press” after she testified before the House Benghazi Committee in October 2015. The statement, at 253 words, would take the average speaker less than two minutes to deliver.

“I would make it shorter only because it’s a bank of Mics and no podium,” Abedin replied.

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