BREAKING: Hungarian Government Declares George Soros ‘Agent of Satan’


Hungarian government declares against George Soros labeling him as ‘the agent of Satan’. The government of Soros’ home state was warning the world for so long about who George Soros and his liberal globalists are. However, nobody listened to them.

The conservative government in this European country made the decision to defend the national interests at any cost. They refused to accept immigrants and they’re fiercely fighting against Soros’ propaganda. reported: The Hungarian government has established itself as a steadfast opponent of George Soros and the globalist agenda at the political and social levels, but now they have taken the battle spiritual, warning Soros is executing a Satanic scheme to destroy Europe.

András Aradszki, Hungary’s State Secretary for Energy, delivered a speech to fellow parliamentarians titled, “The Christian duty to fight against the Satan/Soros Plan,” in which he warned of an all-out attack on Christianity, traditional values, and the nuclear family.

“We see this with abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and the forced politicization of gender theory. The Soros mercenaries do not cite the Holy Father’s thoughts on this,” he said. “We see the great European attacks against families, in which Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and values of nation states for the purpose of watering down the Christian spirit of Europe with the forced settlement of tens of millions of migrants. But the fight against Satan is a Christian duty.”


All Christians need to stay united and fight against Lucifer and his agents. This nation should be a good example for the rest of the European countries who kneel before the globalists and now are facing serious dangers in their not so distant future. Americans need to see this and know very well who are they dealing with. Spread this story if you agree with the Hungarian government.