Breaking: An Investigation Has Been Launched Into the Mishandling of Relief Supplies in Puerto Rico


The ‘nasty’ woman just got a nasty surprise. San Juan mayor received some really bad news after what was just announced- AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE MISHANDLING OF RELIEF SUPPLIES. Well, it seems that some of the predictions could be confirmed now.

Some conservative journalists and experts said that maybe San Juan mayor is part of a large conspiracy against Trump and maybe her ‘stunts’ after the disaster in Puerto Rico are just another ‘flash mob’ against President Trump. We will find out for sure after the investigation finishes.

Puerto Rico’s governor has launched an investigation into the distribution of food and water supplies following the devastation Hurricane Maria left behind.

From CBS News:

Puerto Rico’s governor says he’s ordered an investigation into food and water distribution and promised there would be “hell to pay” for those mishandling supplies after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory.Ricardo Rossello says an investigation is underway into reports that some areas in Puerto Rico are not collecting and delivering food and water, reports CBS News correspondent David Begnaud.


We can’t confirm what really happened, we can only speculate for now. BUT, this is a huge step forward and Puerto Rico’s governor deserves big respect and admiration for what he did. This man followed EVERY single action on relation Washington DC-Puerto Rico and he knows very well what FEMA and President Trump did for his people.

No more lies, no more intrigues. America will be given the final answer of the question WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM WITH THE RELIEF SUPPLIES IN PUERTO RICO.

Trump was not guilty, that’s for sure, but Puerto Rico governor pointed his finger at ‘someone else’ if you remember well… What do you think, what the outcome of all this is going to be?