BREAKING: Iran Officially Announced The REVENGE PLAN For Trump’s Muslim Ban

Iran, or Persia, was once a beautiful ancient place, where there was a mixture of the old and the modern. This country suffered many historical events, mostly in bad fortune in the past centuries. What happened after the Islamic Revolution in Iran was a complete change of everything, literally everything in the country. They are sworn to live under their specific islamic rules and the country is not secular.

Donald Trump did the right decision after he announced that America is not going to become a muslim immigrants colony. The Iranian leader responded to this, even knowing the fact that the USA and Iran have no diplomatic relations in the past 30 years, his speech was provocative and supportive for the muslim immigrants who destroyed Europe and their second target was the USA. Also , his foreign minister strongly disagrees with Trump’s decision:

The Iranian Foreign Ministry called Trump’s immigration ban an “a flagrant insult to the Muslim world” and promised to retaliate on Saturday.

In a statement released in response to the ban, which temporarily prohibits citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the U.S., the ministry warned that Trump’s move would only help terrorist groups in their recruiting efforts.

“The United States administration’s decision to impose a ban against Muslims’ travel to the US – though for a temporary three-month period – is a flagrant insult to the Muslim world, specially the great Iranian nation; and despite claims about confronting terrorism and protecting security of the American people, it will be recorded in the history as a great gift to extremists and their sponsors,” the statement said. The ban, which includes Iran, “has targeted the Iranian people and is an obvious insult to each and every member of the Iranian nation,” the ministry said.

Iran’s announcement that it would ban U.S. citizens from traveling there is the latest fallout from Trump’s order. The action stirred controversy almost immediately after it was signed, as refugees were detained upon their arrival at U.S. airports.

Trump took a hardline stance on Iran during his 2016 presidential bid, blasting a 2015 agreement negotiated under the Obama administration that was aimed at reining in the country’s nuclear program.

H/T Truth Monitor

Donald Trump is absolutely right about his decision. We have to be smart and learn from the lessons of the others. Europe let the same muslim immigrants and huge number of other muslims to settle down and create their communities in the large Western European cities. This resulted with total chaos, mass murders, terrorist attacks… The everyday life in Europe changed- but the mainstream media never posts such ,,racist” things. We have to protect America!