Missiles from Syria were reportedly released to Israel, and obviously, Israel will not just stand there doing nothing but will return the attack! The Syrian Army launched missiles in the Golan Heights in Israel. In the report below you will see that the Middle East is a little swamp full of crocodiles:

The Israel Defense Forces [IDF] has returned fire at Syria, launched missiles at Syria’s Quneitra province after missiles from the region allegedly were sent into Israel.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post:

The IDF struck sources in Syria from where errant fire emanated and hit open areas on the northern Golan Heights on Friday afternoon, the military confirmed.

Two rockets landed in open territory on the Golan Heights Friday afternoon. No damage or injuries were reported.

According to initial estimates, the projectiles were thought to have been errant fire from fighting in the civil war across the border in Syria.

The rocket alert siren was activated in several settlements on the Golan Heights.

The incident came after the army reported that a mortar fell on the northern Golan Heights on Friday afternoon.

The attack could be followed on Twitter from posts by the IDF:





Syria has called the attack evidence that Israel supports “terrorists”, which is how Syria refers to those seeking to topple Syrian President Bashir al-Assad.

As reports:

Syria claimed on Friday Israel’s retaliation for the explosion of mortar shells in the Golan Heights was proof that Israel provides assistance to rebels trying to topple Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

In a statement quoted by the official Syrian news agency SANA, a Syrian military source confirmed that Israel struck a military position in the Quneitra region.

The strike caused “material damage”, according to the statement.

The source said that the Israeli “aggression” came after an attempt by “terrorists” to infiltrate military positions in Quneitra was foiled. This, claimed the source, proves that Israel provides direct support to “terrorist organizations”.

Interestingly, in a scene somewhat reminiscent of Trump hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping the day the U.S. launched 59 missiles into Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu hosted U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis the day of Israel’s attack upon Syria.

However, there has been no official comment about today’s attack from either the Prime Minister or the White House as of this writing.

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Things are getting pretty SERIOUS around here! What do you think people? Is this going to erupt in something way bigger and uglier? Let us hope that the Middle East will finally ‘feel’ tranquility and enjoy its peaceful days. These wars are not good at all!

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