BREAKING: James O’Keefe Has The Evidence To Take Hillary Clinton Down! He Will Release A Video A Day Next Week!


This could very well be Hillary’s last weekend before going to jail. If what James O’Keefe has said in his recent Reddit AMA is true, then Hillary Clinton will be behind bars.


O’Keefe who recently had his twitter account blocked because he was about to release a video detailing and exposing Hillary’s voter fraud, just announced that he has evidence that connects Hillary Clinton to all of her dirty tricks, voter fraud, and illegal coordination.

From his Reddit AMA:

I know people want me to clarify that the footage directly involves HRC. Again, the answer is yes. And it’s more than that. We’ve exposed the whole network. The dirty tricks, how they commit the voter fraud, illegal coordination — is delegated from the top down. And we have all that on tape. And we’re releasing different tapes everyday.

O’Keefe and his partners have been working tirelessly for months undercover to expose all of Hillary’s dirty secrets.


“Our Investigation has required EIGHT full time undercover investigative reporters embedded throughout the country from the bottom to the top of many political entities. Because we have hundreds of hours of footage, we needed to connect the dots and the scenes into a storyline that links it all together. It will be more impactful and more powerful instead of just putting it all out there at once or as soon as I got the video money shots individually.

Long story short, everything you’ve heard about back room deals and smoke filled rooms are verified. We have smoking gun evidence and it is incredibly damning. “

O’Keefe and his team didn’t stop at simple undercover.

In this case, one of our alias was the creation of overseas offshore account. We created an actual overseas company. By representing a dark money source overseas we gained access and credibility in places previously unimaginable. At one point we were invited to the White House.

The first video is set to be released Monday at noon and the second is assumed to follow on Tuesday at noon.

If O’Keefe follows through on his promise, Sunday night’s debate will be Hillary Clinton’s last act as a free politician.

Please share this everywhere and we will keep you updated as we wait anxiously for the first video.

H/T USAPoliticsToday